Top 5 Best Spots For Christmas around the World

Don’t want to be home for Christmas? Top 5 Paradise for Christmas

There’s no location like home for the holidays– unless you’re going someplace remarkably cool. Winter travel can be hard when you’re trying to choose a spot where the weather condition will not eliminate your vacation, but a few of these locations are much more magical in the snow than they remain in the summertime, and they’ve got some cannot-miss vacation celebrations. Longing for warm-weather vaca? We’ve got options for you, too.

1. Christmas in Rome, Italy

Rome In Christmas TIme

Given that Rome is suppressing hot in the summer, winters cool weather is ideal for walking around and taking in all the historic sights. If you can score tickets far enough beforehand, Christmas Eve midnight mass at St. Peter’s Basilica needs to be on your bucket list. And apparently, there will be pizza, pasta, and gelato on repeat.


2. Christmas in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

The Spanish colonial city is much more lively during the vacations when you can see the theatrical processions around the town, Posada reenactments, and enjoy fireworks, live music, and dancing in the main square.


3. Christmas in London, England

London Bridge Christmas Light

The Christmas lights on Bond and Regent streets measure up to any we’ve seen all around the world. On Christmas Day, opt for a standard English Christmas dinner, with a roast, Yorkshire pudding, packing, mince pies, trifle, and a traditional Christmas pudding.


4. Christmas in San Diego, California.

California Christmas
Reality– it’ll likely be 70 degrees and bright, which does not necessarily shout Christmas, however, if you’re coming from the snow, a California Christmas might be a dream. In addition to hitting the beach, check out all the vacation happenings at the renowned Hotel Del, including a seaside ice rink, themed dining, vacation films on the beach, and an s’mores Jingle Roast.


5. Christmas in Paris, France.

Paris Christmas
Fact: Paris is romantic any time of year, however seeing the Champs-Élysées all illuminated and the Eiffel Tower surrounded by snow is something extraordinary. Whatever you do, don’t leave without trying the traditional Christmas dessert– the Bûche de Noel.