La Vache, HK

La Vache!

La Vache isn’t entirely brand-new to Hong Kong– a location currently exists in Soho– however the just recently opened Tsim Sha Tsui branch brings the pleasure of endless steak fries to Kowloon.
The steakhouse just does one thing, but they do it well.
The simple yet reliable set menu starts with a big leafy salad showered in walnuts and timeless French vinaigrette, followed by steak that’s prepared to your liking.

Equally crucial, the fries are endless, and the accompanying trick sauce is dangerously addicting.

When you’ve had your fill of savories, a towering display of desserts tempt with French classics, such as Paris-Brest– praline cream and caramelized hazelnut in a choux pastry. Rounding out the experience, pitchers of wine, friendly service, and an exceptional soundtrack develop a convivial environment.

La Vache!, 12 Hart Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong; +852 2666 6818.