Sichuan Sichuan food is bold and intense, and the celebration environment at Jinli (4 Leicester St, WC2H 7BL; 020 7437 1528) is an appropriately lively accompaniment. Courtesy Photo: Fat_Heart Chinatown London’s newest opening, Shu Xiangge. The traditional Sichuan Hot Pot restaurant has opened its doors on Gerrard Street, welcoming Londoners to dive into their notoriously […]

Cantonese, London

Cantonese Cantonese food, from Guangdong Province, is the Chinese style most familiar to Western tastes buds, thanks to the area’s many emigrants who set up dining establishments around the globe. The Cantonese roast duck at Four Seasons (12 Gerrard St, W1D 5PR; 020 7494 0870) is rightly well-known throughout London and beyond– the Financial Times […]